3 days in Amsterdam

Some friends of mine are going to Amsterdam to celebrate New Year’s Eve. So, I’m going to give you some little tips of what to visit and where to eat if you’re planning to stay there for 2/3 days.


  • We all know Amsterdam is famous for its magical canals and I advise you to take a picture at Sunset because it gives them breath-taking colours (if you guys have seen the movie “The fault in our stars” you all know what I’m talking about).


  • I visited 2 museums: the Moco and The Van Gogh Museum. In the first one there was an exhibition of the best works by Dalí and Bansky (highly recommended); in the second one there’s the whole story of Van Gogh told through his masterpieces.


  • It may sound unusual but in Amsterdam I found one of the best Indian restaurants ever. It’s called “Barlaj” and down here you can see some of the dishes we shared.


  • I had lunch in two spots I want to advise you:
  1. Bagels & Beans. We had a kind of “brunch”, we took Matcha cappuccino and bagels (delicious).


  1. The Breakfast Club. We couldn’t choose nothing but blueberry pancakes because they’re simply the best.


  • I also went to Dam Platz which is pretty cool and to Anne Frank House, which I found very touching.


I liked Amsterdam a lot, despite the cold weather (I went there in February). As it’s not such a big city you can do a lot of sightseeing during a week-end!

(P.S. don’t forget to take a look at our Instagram profile @bitsoftipsblog for more pics!!!)


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