About me

Hi There!
My name’s Alessia and I’m 21. My friends often ask me for advice about new restaurants, shops, what I visit when I travel around the world. One day they told me: if your tips are useful to us, why couldn’t they help other people too? So, I decided to open this blog.

I will mainly give little tips about the best spots I find wherever I am. I’m based in Italy, but I strictly believe that traveling makes me grow a lot and opens my mind. That’s why whenever I have the opportunity, I pack my luggage and go.
As I said before, I like to discover new restaurants, cafés, bars and I will tell you about my experience there.

My second biggest passion is photography, because it allows me to capture the best moments and to keep them forever. That’s the reason why I will also post the best pics of my trips.

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Lots of love,